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25.01.2016- Literary Lookbook: War and Peace

There's no denying that Sunday evenings can be a little bit bleak, particularly in the midst of a dark and chilly January. Thank goodness then, for the arrival of War and Peace on our television screens- providing some much needed, beautifully shot escapism at the end of the weekend (as well as reminding us that there are plenty of places chillier than here at the moment!) I'd anticipated the adaptation since I read about it this time last year, and so far it's well and truly living up to my expectations- particularly in terms of the cinematic scale and stunning costumes on show. With that in mind, what better source of inspiration for my latest literary lookbook..?

Frilled Poplin Blouse, £29.99, Zara/Embroidered Smock Dress, £36, Topshop/Floral Ditsy Dress, £55, Warehouse/Emilie Coat, £109, Boden/Embroidered Collar Top, £35, Oasis/Love Rock Crystal Flower Lace Headdress, £35, ASOS/Brook Tie Ankle Ballerina, £115, Whistles/Rose Wrap Stone Ring, £10, Topshop/Embellished Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar, £18, ASOS/Helena Layered Necklace, £32, Z by Zara Simon for Accessorize

Zara's new season collection is well and truly swoon-worthy, making me anticipate the arrival of spring even more than I was (if that's at all possible!) This blouse if a real favourite- as well as being a brilliant basic, it also taps into a romantic aesthetic pretty perfectly, and would be an ideal investment for layering under dresses and knits too. This smock dress from Topshop has been on my wishlist for weeks, and again it's a simple staple which I think would go a long way, particularly for bridging the gap between the seasonal sections of my wardrobe- the embroidered details add a lovely folky touch too.

Warehouse have got a selection of stunning pieces in shops at the moment, and I'm already drawing up a fairly extensive shopping list for next payday! This floral dress is a dream- and the empire line adds a real sense of classic style. With keeping warm still very much on the brain, I've been umming and aaahing over this Boden coat- a steal in their sale which it almost seems futile to resist, especially as I'm certain it'll help me weather the snow in style a la Lily James! With little details making all the difference, this blouse from Oasis is a great option too, particularly as the collar adds a flash of colour which is perfect for brightening up the winter- I think it's a great investment for spring too, don't you?

After that beautiful ballroom scene, I found myself - a) with a sudden urge to redecorate, and b) lamenting the lack of sparkly accessories I own. Thank goodness then, for this headdress from ASOS- so pretty, and perfect for adding a splash of elegance to any special occasion outfit. Thinking practically, these flats from Whistles are a great new season investment- a truly timeless option with unlimited styling options. Adding further splashes of opulence- this ring from Topshop, faux fur collar from ASOS and layered necklace from Z by Zara Simon for Accessorize- all perfect for capturing a slice of St.Petersburg inspired chic.

Have you been watching War and Peace? What do you think?
(Image credit: Zara, Topshop, Warehouse, Boden, Oasis, ASOS, Whistles and Accessorize.)


  1. I've not got round to watching War and Peace yet but I really need to catch-up! Love the monochrome dress. x

  2. I love the 2 dresses and the coat - divine!! I watched the first 2 episodes of War and Peace, but it just didn't grip me like I thought it would :(
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