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05.02.2016- Literary Lookbook: Dickensian

Hot on the heels of my And Then There Were None and War and Peace editions of this series, I've got another brand new Literary Lookbook up my sleeve, this time inspired by all things Dickensian! I started watching the series over Christmas, and was gripped from the get go- I love the idea of tipping all of Dickens' characters together into one scenario, along with a murder mystery strand too. The half hour installments are a wonderful idea too- although I'm sure I'm not the only one hugely frustrated when the credits roll on another cliffhanger at the end of each episode! It goes without saying, too, that the costumes are spectacular- and have got me seriously contemplating some Dickensian dressing up:

Victoriana Lace Top, £39, Warehouse/Lace Panel Cotton Blouse, £55, & Other Stories/Foiled Jacquard Skirt, £129, Coast/Wool Felt Bowler, £45, & Other Stories/Hand Made Coat, £79.99, Zara/Mini Dial Watch, £60, Olivia Burton/Enamel Earrings, £6, Oasis/Wolf Loafers, £110, Ted & Muffy

It's hard to go wrong with a black blouse, and this Victorian inspired style from Warehouse is a worthy wardrobe investment, particularly as the lace adds a lovely level of detail. Likewise this long sleeved white option from & Other Stories, which, as well as being a brilliant spring staple, has serious styling potential. Adding to a distinctly Dickensian aesthetic, this wonderful & Other Stories hat- a practical purchase too, especially for the tricky transitional months between winter and spring.

Speaking of which, although my coat collection is well and truly full to the brim (insert subtle Inspector Bucket reference here!), there's no harm in window shopping- and this style from Zara ticks all of the right boxes, particularly if you're looking to add a splash of drama to your outfit! Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of all things Olivia Burton, and this vintage inspired style is once again perfect for capturing a classic aesthetic- and well and truly added to my wishlist.

If you're looking for more sweeping drama, you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with this glorious skirt from Coast- especially if you're in the market for some special occasion chic. These delicate earrings from Oasis are another great touch for adding a slice of effortless elegance, and Ted & Muffy's velvet slipper shoes are a Victorian inspired dream for right here, right now.

Are you a fan of Dickensian?

(Image credit: Warehouse, & Other Stories, Zara, Olivia Burton, Coast, Oasis and Ted & Muffy.)


  1. I love the lace top! I've not seen any of the series - so behind on all things tv but love this blogpost series of yours!x


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