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08.02.2016- On the Menu: Sunday Brunch at Flesh & Buns

Last year, you might remember that I became well and truly obsessed with the phenomenon known as weekend brunch. It's one of life's lovely little indulgences- and something which is well worth looking forward to at the end of a busy week. Kicking off 2016's brunching adventures- a visit to Flesh & Buns for their bottomless Sunday menu in honour of Sophie's birthday: 

The menu at Flesh & Buns is truly unique- and offers a wonderfully different take on brunching, with sushi and freshly prepared Japanese dishes- not your average bacon and eggs! The bottomless option does exactly what it says on the tin- offering a seemingly endless supply of plates- from smaller sushi samples, to soft shell crab, from Korean chicken wings to signature steamed buns. It's filling- and generous- but there's always room for pudding- I'd certainly recommend the s'mores- as they come complete with a fire for the table! 

Have you discovered any new brunch spots? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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