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12.02.2016- Accessorize All Areas- Z by Zara Simon

Regular readers will be well aware that when it comes to jewellery, I'm something of a magpie. However, over the last few months (and in an attempt to declutter a little bit), I've been reordering a lot of my favourite gems- even downsizing my collection and only keeping hold of the pieces which are truly timeless. Not that that's stopped me picking up a selection of new essentials, mind you- and I've found that Zara Simon's range for Accessorize has once again been well and truly fixed on my radar:

This lovely little selection of goodies arrived in my lap on Christmas Day (very canny of Father Christmas to make the most of all of those 3 for 2 offers!), and I've really enjoyed accessorising with them since. This ring is the perfect companion piece to the pink version which I picked up about a year or so ago- and the gorgeous green hue is ideal for injecting a splash of spring into every day. I don't usually tend to reach for necklaces all that often, but this simple style was too hard to resist- it's delicate whilst still making a statement and really elevates lots of my favourite necklines. Finally, these earrings are another simple staple which are perfect for everyday, and work really well across multiple ear piercings- in fact, I'm contemplating having a couple more just so I can treat myself to some more jewellery! 

Are you a fan of Z by Zara Simon for Accessorize? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I picked up some awesome bits for a friend in Accessorize recently, which was nice, as I'd previously been a little 'meh' and had felt like it has lost it's mojo a little in recent years. Will be definitely checking them out again when spring gets underway!

    Jem x


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