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24.02.2016- Healthy Eating Hacks

Healthy eating. Whether it's sugar free, gluten free, meat free or #eatclean, I think it's fair to say that we've reached peak levels of food obsession- and with so many different schools of thought on something as simple as eating (who knew?!), it can be tricky to know what to digest. Regular readers will know that I'm a constant advocate of the everything in moderation adage- and would rather run for a little bit longer than cut out cake from my diet. Having said that, I have been making a little bit more of an effort of late to think about what I'm eating- especially at lunchtimes- although sometimes desperate times definitely call for an emergency 4pm cuppa and Kit Kat. So, from me to you- in a completely non-preachy, take it or leave it tone, are some tried and tested healthy eating hacks:

Breakfast is brilliant
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the old saying goes, and it's not wrong. I used to rush out of the door without touching any food of a morning, but now I make a point of grabbing a quick banana and a glass of water before having a second breakfast (hobbit style!) at my desk. Not only do I get a much needed energy boost before my morning commute (which can sometimes bear more than a striking resemblance to Mad Max...), I've ticked off one of my five fruit and veg before the day has even started, and I'm no longer ready to eat my own body weight in granola by the time I get to work. Winner winner!

Attack your snacks
Habits are tricky things to break, but I've been trying to tackle my penchant for grazing throughout the day. If I do find myself getting peckish, I'll try and pick up some fruit (berries are a real favourite at the moment!), nuts or an energy bar just to pep myself up. So far, so good- and better all round than a packet of crisps (although there are definitely instances where Mr Walker has got the better of me..!)

The deprivation situation
I don't believe in diets, and I haven't since Gillian McKeith tried to convince me circa 2005 that eating walnuts and lettuce for breakfast washed down with a pint of freshly brewed nettle tea would make me feel better. (It didn't...nettle tea, it transpires, makes me violently sick...) Coming from an Irish family, there's no way I'll ever give up potatoes (or any form of carbohydrate), and I'm perfectly content to pop a sugar in my tea if I want, thanks all the same. It's all relative, I know, but I'd much rather move more and concentrate on overall wellbeing than obsess about how many calories are in a meal. I calculated a little while ago that I walk about 15 miles a week just getting from A to B- enough to warrant the odd slice of cake here and there! It's all about balance.

What are your healthy eating tips?

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  1. I've been using the Health app on my phone and it's amazing to see how far I walk in a week (or embarrassing how little if it's a lazy one)


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