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02.05.2015- Beauty Buys: Next Beauty

Getting experimental with my go-to beauty products is a pursuit which I rarely indulge in, particularly as it's taken me what feels like forever to settle on a staple selection of productions which I know I can rely on day in day out. Having said that, with spring providing the perfect opportunity to recharge and refresh, I've been road testing some new additions to my cosmetics collection in the shape of some recently released products from Next Beauty:

Next Beauty Lipstick in Simply Peach and Make Me Beautiful Eyeshadow Quad*

The quad palette is something which I've been well and truly converted to over recent months, especially as they are so practical. This selection of shades fills a gap in my makeup bag, steering me away from my usual neutral brown hues in favour of something slightly cooler, perfect for blending for a subtle daytime look or building to create the perfect smoky eye. The lighter shade also doubles up wonderfully as a highlighter too. Peach isn't a lipstick shade which I've experimented with too much up until now, but having given this simple hue a whirl over the last few weeks, I've been converted. It's a great understated essential for everyday, and I've been really impressed by the staying power of this formulation too. 

Have you tried any new beauty essentials recently?

*Products provided are PR samples

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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