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18.05.2016- Mini Break Marvels

With just under ten days to go until I (easy) jet off to Ireland with some of my best blogging ladies, my thoughts have well and truly been taken over by the prospect of packing. Travelling light is something of a fine art in its own right, and for this trip I'm making a conscientious effort to keep suitcase stress to a minimum- particularly as I'm adhering very strictly to the one cabin bag only rule. Having said that, I'm sure that the weather is going to be even more upside down at our final destination than it has been in London over the last few weeks, so I've been attempting to balance packing practicality with saving suitcase space- and have come across a selection of travel essentials in the process!

 I Need A Vacation Tee, £58, Kate Spade/Cotton Shorts, £14.99, H&M/V Neck Swimsuit, £45, & Other Stories/Travel Sized Body Fuel Wash, £8.50, Kiehl's/Travel Sized Ultra Facial Cleanser, £8.50, Kiehl's/Grey Leather Travel Wallet, £48, Kikki K/Ibis Sandals, £80, Kate Spade/Boyfriend Jeans, £40, Topshop/Denim Ruffle Collar Shirt, £45, Warehouse/Backpack with Zip, £35.99, Zara

I spotted this tee in the window of Kate Spade's Covent Garden store last weekend, and it's a piece which I'm quite surprised I didn't walk away with on the spot! The 'I Need A Vacation' slogan couldn't be more perfect for eagerly anticipating a holiday- and the palm print is super pretty too, don't you think? No holiday wardrobe is complete without a staple pair of denim shorts, and these ones from H&M are perfectly purse-friendly, as well as being the ultimate versatile basic- although I think I might be being a little bit optimistic in thinking that the Irish weather will be warm enough to warrant wearing them! In a similar vein, this & Other Stories swimsuit is probably another overly keen addition to my suitcase for this particular trip, but it's definitely a classic piece worth picking up if you're heading to warmer destinations over the course of the summer. 

I'm busy putting together a separate post about my essential travel toiletries, but it will probably come as no surprise that Kiehl's is my one stop shop for more or less everything- particularly as their selection of miniatures is so broad. Before I head to the airport, I'll be picking up this travel sized body wash and facial cleanser- perfect for causing minimal disruption to my skincare routine (as well as minimal hand luggage stress too!) Speaking of which, I'm also thrilled to have discovered this travel wallet from Kikki K- ideal for keeping all of those essentials in one (safe!) place. As far as footwear is concerned, for this trip I don't doubt that I'll be living in trainers (#veryfondofwalking), but these pineapple festooned sandals from Kate Spade would be absolutely perfect for a beach break. 

A staple pair of jeans are usually a go-to travel essential for me, and for this trip I'm opting for a more relaxed fit. I've been hunting for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for what feels like forever, and thankfully Topshop have well and truly delivered the goods with this black pair. Regular visitors to these pages will know that I'm a firm denim shirt devotee too, and this ruffle collar style from Warehouse is definitely a piece which I'm sure I'll be adding to my collection sooner rather than later. Finally, the perfect practical travel bag comes in the shape of this backpack from Zara- a great option if you've got lots of excursions on the agenda!

Are you heading off on a mini break soon?

(Image credit: Kate Spade, H&M, & Other Stories, Kiehl's, Kikki K, Topshop, Warehouse and Zara.)


  1. You know how I feel about Kate Spade tees - they're so comfortable and wash so well! You need it!

    Can't wait for our weekend away!

    - Elodie x

  2. Praying to the sale gods that those pineapple sandals end up in the summer sale! My hatred of carrying heavy bags means I've got good at packing light but its hardest for British destinations where the weather can be unpredictable! x


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