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27.05.2016- Beauty Buys: Travel Essentials

A little bit later on this afternoon, I'll be heading to the airport for a much anticipated trip to Ireland with Hannah, Elodie and Lily! We've got lots planned so I'm sure I'll be sharing a look at the trip with you when I get back, and I've already got my suitcase packed and ready to go. Travelling light with just the one cabin bag, I've been on the hunt for some travel beauty essentials which take up minimal space but which pack maximum punch:

Garnier's Micellar Water has been a staple part of my skincare routine for the last year or so, and it's definitely a daily essential which is a boon to any travel beauty bag. This 'on the go' size is perfect for holidays, and it's a great space saving option too- meaning that there's no need to be weighed down with makeup wipes. This mango lip balm from Kiehl's is another staple of mine, and as well as being wonderfully long-lasting, it's another compact essential which offers plenty of protection from the unpredictable elements! 

Something to pick up airside is Impulse's Why Not? body spray by Charli XCX (*), a tropical inspired scent infused with bergamot, lemon and orange- great for keeping fresh on the go. Finally, I'd be well and truly lost without my Creme de Corps from Kiehl's- and, luckily for me, it's available in a travel sized bottle to comply with those under 100ml rules!

What are your travel essentials?

*PR sample

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do nor reproduce without permission.)


  1. Well, my travel essentials are perfumes and micellar water.

  2. I love Crème De Corps! Eek, so excited! x


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