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01.07.2016- Beauty Buys: Summer Haircare Essentials

As this time of the year (and probably now that I'm faced with a serious case of overdue haircut syndrome!), I tend to find that my barnet requiring a little bit more tender loving care than usual. Whether it’s the constantly changing weather or more intense than usual sunshine, I’ve found that looking switching in a few hero products to my usual haircare routine pays dividends in the long run, particularly if I don’t want to have a fight with a hairbrush on my hands! My current crop of favourites are proving to be real essentials at the moment, making for a hassle free haircare routine- especially in the face of rain/wind/sun/thunder/lighting...

Philip Kingsley’s products are a go-to when I find my barnet in need of a little more maintenance than usual, and this Swimcap serum is a summer essential if ever I saw one. With sunscreen and protection from chlorinated and salt water, it’s definitely worth investing in for your holidays- and the citrus scent is lovely without being too overpowering. During the winter months I tend to find myself reaching for hair oil once or twice a week, but in the past I’ve struggled to find a formulation which doesn’t leave a residue behind. Dilemma well and truly solved with Percy and Reed’s No Oil Oil which is light as a feather and brilliant for an instant barnet boost. Finally, Swell’s protect and renew serum which is a great all round essential- especially if you’re looking for a hero product ahead of a holiday which offers lots of different things in one.

What are your summer haircare essentials? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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