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13.07.2016- Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016

For me one of the highlights of the summer is making a now annual pilgrimage to the beautiful Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Since I started visiting a few years ago, I've found my fondness for all things floral has only grown, so it's wonderful to take a day to explore such a stunning array of displays at the start of July- and there's something about the breathtaking backdrop of Hampton Court which makes the experience feel all the more special. This year, with a definitive shopping list in hand (forward planning for the win!) and lots of new exhibits to explore, I eagerly made my way along to East Molesey bright and early on Saturday morning:

After last year's stunning 25th birthday show, I was wondering what those clever people at The RHS could possibly have up their sleeves this time around- but sure enough there was more than enough on show to keep even the greenest of fingered satisfied! As well as the stunning displays in the Floral Marquee and Rose Pavilion, one of my highlights was the new Butterfly Dome- giving you the chance to join over 900 butterflies in a replica tropical habitat. Surrounded by hibiscus, palms and lots of other butterfly friendly flowers, this was a great addition to the show, and something which I hope will make a return next year. Show Garden highlights included the Perennial Immerse, Dogs Trust and UNHCR designs- the latter of which is probably one of the most powerful pieces of art I've ever seen, reflecting just how sacred a garden is- especially as a place of sanctuary in a world which seems to be increasingly unstable and unpredictable. 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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