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18.07.2016- Exploring Northern Ireland: Belfast Botanic Gardens

Anyone who knows me well will probably tell you that I'm at my happiest when surrounded by flowers. Whether it's getting to grips with my own garden, or exploring the beautiful displays at flower shows, there's something instantly calming about being out in the fresh air amidst an abundance of flora and fauna- especially when you spend the majority of the week in a concrete jungle. With that in mind, when we visited Belfast we made a beeline for the Botanic Gardens- on another gloriously sunny afternoon:

Just a short walk away from Queen's University, the Botanic Gardens are a lovely little oasis of calm, home to immaculately kept lawns peppered with floral displays, adding a riot of colour which seemed all the more vibrant thanks to the beautiful weather. The Victorian Glass House is a stunning focal point- custodian of tropical palms and all sorts of plant species which thrive in warmer climates- needless to say I was incredibly jealous of the stunning yellow, pink and red hibiscus on display- especially as these are impossible to grown at home! Meandering further around the gardens, it was lovely to see everything in bloom, especially wisteria, clematis and stunning rhododendron- a plant which I spotted growing wild all along the coastline during our visit. I only wish we could have spent longer soaking up the peace and tranquility of such serene surroundings.

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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