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29.07.2016- Most Wanted: L.K. Bennett Buys

In an attempt to extend summer so that it lasts for as long as is humanly possible, I've been keeping a keen eye out for some suitably stylish end of season purchases. I've posted on more than a few occasions in the past about how eager I am to make more sensible investment purchases, so, with that in mind, I've been shopping around- and in doing so have fallen well and truly head over heels in love with all things L.K. Bennett. Popping into their Covent Garden branch to admire things from afar has become something of a regular lunchtime pursuit over recent weeks, and as such it will probably come as no surprise that I've drawn up quite a tidy little wishlist:

Madison Silk Print Dress, £325/Kim Printed Floral Jacket, £65/Ama Pink Silk Top, £165/Ondria Wide Leg Culottes, £165/Ine Printed Floral Dress, £375/Kelby Small Leather Purse, £75/Saffiano Cross Body Bag, £145/Ginny Bright Pink Top, £45/Tiara Skirt in Pastel Peach, £75/Beca Silver Bow Trainers, £150

Every summer I tend to think that I've got my warm weather wardrobe all figured out, but then the temperatures keep climbing and I usually find myself resorting to searching out the same pair of denim shorts I've had since my holiday in 2007 (no joke!) As proud as I am of the wardrobe mileage which they've given me, they're not really appropriate for much more than heading to the garden or beach in- so, in short, I'm always on the lookout for smarter summer essentials which I know I'll be able to style time and time again. This gorgeous Madison silk dress is a real investment purchase- smart enough for all sorts of different occasions but still practical for when the mercury rises. The cut is completely timeless too- well and truly something which would pay some serious cost per wear dividends. Regular readers will know that I'm a huge fan of a printed jacket, and they've become a regular fixture of my summer wardrobe for a fair few years now. This brilliantly bold style wins extra brownie points for being in the sale- and again it's one of those classic statement pieces which requires minimal styling- perfect! 

Another bold sartorial statement comes in the shape of this vibrant pink blouse- a brilliant workwear option which is full of character. Culottes have become a real go-to option for me of late, and this pastel pink pair certainly tick all of the right boxes- especially as they're simple enough to team with almost anything. They'd be a great option for your holiday wardrobe too, don't you think? If you're shopping around for a special occasion, you'd be hard pushed to go wrong with this stunning printed floral dress- a piece which I spotted in store a few weeks ago and keep being drawn back to! Once again, it's a really timeless style and the sort of piece which you'd find yourself reaching for on repeat. 

As far as accessories are concerned, I've become a real fan of the cross body bag of late, and I love how practical this design is, with lots of separate compartments to keep things organised. If you're after a bold pop of colour, then this purse is a perfect accent piece too- and ideal for co-ordinating with the bright pink Ginny top- one of those hero styles which works with more or less anything and everything. I've posted in the past about wanting to boost my selection of skirts, and in this pastel design I think I might have just found the perfect purchase in waiting- especially as it's another sale bargain. Finally, these amazing bow detail skate shoes- an ideal practical alternative to heels and heavenly for capturing the casual cool which is so synonymous with summer style.

Are you a fan of L.K. Bennett? 

(Image credit: L.K. Bennett.)


  1. I love that pink silk dress - I'm off to Ascot in a week and if someone would like to buy me that to wear I'd be very happy! x


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