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24.10.2016- Fashion in Motion: House of Holland

Last Friday, accompanied by Lily, I made my way along to the V&A for another of their Fashion in Motion events, this time held in celebration of House of Holland. Founded in 2006, this year the label is celebrating its tenth anniversary- providing the perfect opportunity to look back at a seriously stellar selection of archive pieces. I still remember the first collection debuting at London Fashion Week, so to have the chance to look back at some carefully curated highlights from the last decade was a real treat: 

From those cheeky slogan tees to rave nana chic, since its inception House of Holland has been at the fore of creating collections which stand head and shoulders above the norm and which are imbued with a quirky, yet somehow quintessentially British character. Whether it's through the reworking of heritage fabrics such as tartans and crochets or by threading each collection with nods to our collective popular culture, the House of Holland aesthetic is absolutely unmistakable, and one which British fashion is so much the richer for embracing. Constantly surprising, and with a vivid sensibility, this is a label which has really helped to cement London's position on the fashion radar- and long may it continue!

Are you a fan of House of Holland?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This was such a good show - it's so nice to have seen the label's development from 2006, although it also makes me feel really old! x

  2. I'm so sad I couldn't make it! BOO!!!

    - Elodie x


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