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16.11.2016- Beauty Buys: Hourglass Ambient Light Palette

Whilst there's no escaping the fact that winter is more or less a wall-to-wall gloom fest, there are a few strategies I've been employing to make things seem less dreary. Whether it's looking longingly at tropical beaches on Google Images (guilty as charged), prioritising early nights settled down in front of Netflix (currently obsessed with The Crown..!) or sprucing up my wardrobe with some brighter buys, there are lots of little tricks to beat the winter blues. In the beauty stakes, I've been upping my skincare game in the wake of being blasted by the central heating and after a particularly nasty breakout a few weeks ago. As well as that, I've been reaching for a recent buy which is definitely helping as far as looking on the bright side goes:

I've been a regular repurchaser of the Hourglass brow pencil for a fair few years now, so when the opportunity presented itself to snap up their much coveted Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light Palette, I grabbed it with both hands! More than anything, it's a buy motivated by practicality as I've hit pan on the majority of my other daily essentials, and this collection of colours has been on my wishlist for what feels like forever. A combination of five exclusive shades, this really is a one stop shop when it comes to perfecting that ever elusive glow which is more synonymous with summer but which is welcome throughout the winter months too. With tones designed to bronze, contour and glow, the palette really is the dream tool for brightening and highlighting- and the compact size makes it perfectly practical too. I'm still perfecting my brush technique, but this is definitely a winter essential which I'm thrilled to have as part of my daily routine. 

Have you picked up any new beauty essentials recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This pallet looks amazing, must try it! Sophie x

  2. This pallet looks so beautiful! x


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