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16.01.2017- Most Wanted: Whistles Wonders

Although we're still in the grip of winter, I'm sure that I'm not the only one willing the weeks away until the arrival of the spring. Whilst the shops are still choc-a-bloc with sale bargains a plenty to be snapped up, it's also really lovely to have a little peek at some of the new season pieces which are filtering their way onto the high street- even if there's no guarantee of suitably spring-like weather to match! This year, I'm determined to start saving my pennies more effectively (a resolution which seems to be working fairly well so far- two weeks in to 2017 and I've already got over £200 put aside!), stashing the cash for some bigger investment buys rather than frivolous impulse purchases- and I've already got my sights set on a beautiful new selection of staples from Whistles:
Briar High Neck Top, £170/Bell Flower Print Shirt Dress, £140/Briar Cutwork Dress, £250/Pansy Cropped Trousers, £110/Chunky Circle Stud Earrings, £20/Marble Stone Circle Ring, £20/Union Double Zip Cross Body Bag, £110

You can rarely go wrong with a white blouse, and this high neck design is a real classic in the making. The high neck perfectly captures a really fresh, modern feel, and the embroidered details make it a spring essential- as perfect for wearing to work as it would be for stashing in your weekend away bag. For me, a new dress is always somehow synonymous with spring, and this flower print design is a real winner. Not only is the colourway a real eye-catcher, the collar detail and fluted sleeves capture a really elegant aesthetic too. Speaking of which, how beautiful is this red cutwork dress? It caught my eye adorning a mannequin in store last weekend, and it's one of those essential purchases which you didn't realise your wardrobe was missing until you spot it- definitely one worth saving up for.

Looking slightly further ahead (however optimistically!), these pansy cropped trousers are a great summer investment- perfect for warmer days in the city as well as for those much anticipated holidays. Keeping things simple, these circle stud earrings are an ideal option for every day, much like this marble stone ring. Finally, for lazy weekends, look no further than this gorgeous cross body bag- the perfect pop of colour with which to punctuate the countdown to the end of the winter!

Have you picked up any new season pieces yet?

(Image credit: Whistles.) 


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