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30.01.2017- My Month in Pictures: January

What a month it's been. Whilst I'm struggling to comprehend the absolutely shameful and abhorrent events of the weekend, I'm also keen to try my best to formulate some sort of articulate response to what's happening to the world at the moment. It may very well be a little while in coming, and I'm not sure quite what form it will take, but when I have something more coherent than screaming expletives at the news, I'll be sure to share it with you. Putting together blog posts for this week has seemed a little bit frivolous to tell you the truth, so if things are a bit quiet on these pages for a little while then I hope you'll understand why. If you're keen to act, then you can do what I did last week and write to the Prime Minister, support ACLU or sign a petition to show that ignorance and intolerance are not welcome in the UK. 

I realise that sharing what I've been up to over the last month or so is enormously trivial- but at the same time it's this normality which is an anchor right now- especially given that January (although seemingly never ending) has played host to some beautiful days:

Embracing the start of the year/Brunch at The Modern Pantry/Mary Stuart at the Almeida- haunting/Getting through the month with lots of tea/A wintry morning/Embracing Hygge with some homebaking/Elementary, dear Watson/A new Bella Freud buy/Stunning sunrise/Feeling so inspired by the Women's March/Calm tranquility in Richmond Park/Beautiful butterflies at RHS Wisley.

This month has been full of some inspiring moments- but none more so than the Women's March. It seems like a lot has changed in just over a week, but here's to keeping that momentum going, and proving that people power will always win through.

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.) 


  1. I feel exactly the same writing blog posts at the moment. Those cinnamon rolls though! x


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