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13.02.2017- What I Wore Today #291

Just when you think you've gone and mastered understanding the Great British weather, along comes another freezing cold snap to well and truly remind you never to cast a clout until May is out! I have to confess that I'd been more than a little eager to pack away my winter woollies for another year, so I suppose I only have myself to blame in respect of feeling a tad under prepared for yet another spell of beyond the Wall weather. Whilst I've been reluctant to bundle up in my usual go-to pieces, I've snapped up some new essentials instead- teaming them with some old favourites in the process of combatting the cold:

Coat- Vintage 
Jumper- Marks and Spencer 
Skirt- New Look (via ASOS) 
Shoes- Converse 
Bag- Skinnydip London

Part polar explorer, part Dolores Umbridge, this combination is one which was governed by practicality as much as an attempt to inject a splash of spring colour to a dreary January day. London in the last few weeks has resembled something akin to a scene from a Victorian murder mystery, with freezing fog making it almost impossible to see anything beyond your own nose. Given that things have been pretty bleak, I've found myself looking for some new season hues to pep up my wardrobe- step forward jumper of dreams from Marks and Spencer and metallic skirt from New Look. This kind of combination is a definite departure for me, but one which I really enjoyed putting together- proof that a change is definitely as good as a rest- especially as the weather shows no sign of warming up! 

What are your winter essentials?

(Image credit: Jessie Anand, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This combination is DIVINE and I absolutely love that skirt!

    Maria xxx


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