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10.04.2017- What I Wore Today #299

Aaah the great British springtime...23 degrees one day and then 10 degrees cooler the next! Whilst variety is the spice of life, this topsy turvy weather does make anticipating what to wear day to day a little bit tricky, especially if, like me, you're legging it out of the house when it's teeming down with rain only for it to brighten up the moment that you battle your way onto the train! In an attempt to try and outwit the weather, over the last few weeks I've been sticking to some failsafe wardrobe favourites:

Coat- COS 
Jumper- Marks and Spencer 
Trousers- ASOS 
Shoes- Adidas (via Surfdome)

This COS coat has been a solid spring wardrobe favourite for a fair few years now, and it's one of those simple statement pieces which is perfect for reaching for if you're in a hurry first thing, as well as for layering. The pale pink hue never fails to bring a smile to my face either! Here I paired it with some staples which I've more or less been living in of late- this Marks and Spencer jumper was a spur of the moment purchase last winter, and these trousers from ASOS are beyond comfortable (thanks, in part, to the top secret elasticated waistband!)

What are your top tips for spring style?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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