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26.04.2017- Most Wanted: Kin by John Lewis

Although I've got a selection of trusty style staples which I tend to reach for on a fairly regular rotation, there are definitely still some instances when I wake up and have no idea what to put on of a morning. Delving into my wardrobe is a bit of a battle at the best of times, and the topsy turvy weather which we're experiencing at the moment definitely doesn't make outfit planning any easier. With that in mind, I've recently been on the lookout for some additional everyday essentials to bolster my work wardrobe, and have happened upon a lovely selection in the shape of John Lewis' Kin collection:
Back Tie Top, £49/Oversized Print Top, £55/Reverse Seam Cardigan, £55/White Leather Backpack, £89/Silver Slingback Pumps, £69, all by Kin by John Lewis.

Minimalist wardrobe goals, am I right?!! You really can't go wrong with a basic black top, and this tie back style ticks all of the right cost per wear boxes, as well as being a great versatile investment too. This graphic print top is another statement staple which is perfect for packing a punch with minimal styling- firmly on my shopping list! With this cold snap in the air, I'm sure I'm not the only one frantically scrabbling about for some warm woollies, and this cardigan is another essential investment- a classic piece which is as practical as it is classic. I've been on the hunt for a new backpack for a little while now, and this white leather design is a real contender- perfect for packing everything in whilst keeping things cool! Finally- a pair of shoes which aren't trainers (gasp!), but which I think I could get on really well with, particularly as we segue into summer. 

Have you discovered any new labels recently? 

(Image credit: John Lewis.)


  1. Those shoes are so, so nice! I'm on a shopping ban so please get them so I can drool over them next time I see you! Ha!

    - Elodie x

  2. Love those silver sling-backs! x


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