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03.07.2017- A Garden Update

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’m usually at my happiest when I’m out in the garden. It’s a space which has always felt especially sacred, and, as well as holding lots of special childhood memories (usually involving me chasing one cat or the other!), as I’ve grown older it’s become a place which I’ve come to recognise as a real sanctuary too- the space I always go to when I need a bit of a reset, or even if I’m just after a moment or two of tranquility. Embracing all things green-fingered has become a serious stress-buster over the last couple of years too- and there’s something really rewarding about seeing all of your hard work blooming away during the summer months. Of course, there are always planting projects which don’t quite work out, whether blighted by the weather (or by the slugs!), but having setbacks always tends to make those little blossoming victories feel all the sweeter. With that in mind, here’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the blooms which are brightening up my garden this summer:

There have been a fair few additions to the garden since my last green-fingered post, and over the last couple of months it's been fantastic to see so many of the newer plants establish themselves. I'm always overwhelmed at how quickly the roses seem to burst into bloom the moment they have enough sunshine, and this year they've been flowering in abundance- most notably the rose of the year from 2015- For Your Eyes Only. With orange and pink flowers, it's been a beautiful addition to the border- and flourishes in direct light- in fact, it's almost doubled in size in the last year alone! In an attempt to show some support and solidarity with the humble bee, plants such as phlox and lavender have become real essentials- both in borders and planted in pots- and it's fantastic to see that they're being appreciated by regular buzzy guests!

A few new garden experiments this year have come in the shape of dahlias- which have (so far at least!) been protected enough from slugs, and a spectrum of cornflowers, which my mum has brought on from seed. Again, these are doing fantastically well, both planted out and in their respective pots, and they're a really beautiful bloom to try out if you're after something with a slightly more wild feel. More new additions in the shape of an array of calibrachoa (otherwise known as Million Bells), and lobelia- both thriving on the patio. As well as these new additions, it's also lovely to see some perennial favourites reappearing on stronger form than ever- most notably the hydrangeas, in a sea of shades. They've always been a real favourite of mine, and there's something about these plants which, for me, is synonymous with the summer. They're also fantastic for cutting and bringing indoors too, so even more satisfying!

What are your favourite plants?

(Image and video credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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