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24.07.2017- On the Menu: Chicken Shop, Holborn

As I've posted about a handful of times in the past, when it comes to navigating my lunch break, I'm usually very much a creature of habit. Having said that, however, there are some occasions when it's just as important to break from the norm- turning your back on soggy sandwiches and sub-par salads in search of an altogether more satisfying midday meal. A few weeks ago, with a long day in progress, I made a long overdue debut trip to Chicken Shop, for some much needed comfort food:

Having heard glowing reviews of Chicken Shop from friend after friend, this trip was somewhat spur of the moment, but well and truly worth it. Needless to say that the menu well and truly lived up to the hype, with succulent chicken quarters arriving at the table freshly cooked, and within minutes of being ordered. Sides wise, I plumped for sweet potato fries (classic!) and a bowl of coleslaw- a definite welcome distraction from my usual lunchtime menu! As well as offering delicious, really reasonably priced food, the service was also super speedy- always a bonus when you're up against the clock. I'll definitely be going back! 

Where do you like to visit for a lunchtime treat?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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