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28.08.2017- The Autumn Shoe Edit

For me, the shift in seasons- as well as being a byword for changing colour combinations- is synonymous with investing in some fresh style essentials. I've already got my eye on a staple knit or two to snap up over the coming weeks, but with the imminent arrival of September, I've also got fresh footwear on the brain too. There's something about this time of the year which always has me eagerly looking out for new shoes- the legacy, no doubt, of years of spending the last week of the summer holidays getting kitted out with new school shoes when I was growing up! With potential investment purchases stacking up, I'm deliberating over a crop of autumn offerings: 

Adidas Superstars, £104, Spartoo/Leather Slip On Trainers, £45, Marks and Spencer/Folk Embroidered Boots, £150, Boden/Friya Desert Sand Boots, £150, Clarks/Leather Loafers, £79, & Other Stories/Vans Old Skool Lite in Purple, £76, Spartoo/Sequin Suede Boots, £125, & Other Stories

It'll come as no surprise to regular readers that a new pair of Adidas trainers are at the top of my new season style wishlist- especially as they're so versatile and easy to style with more or less anything. This pair of Superstars from Spartoo UK incorporate a lovely splash of character thanks to the gold accent, and I can see these becoming a real investment to see me through until next spring in style. With metallic hues in mind, this pair of slip on trainers from Marks and Spencer promise to be a really comfortable prospective purchase- perfect for early morning dashes to the train station!

If you're after more of a statement shoe for autumn, then these boots from Boden are serious contenders. Not only is the folk-inspired print wonderfully eye-catching, but they're sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of grey mornings too. Similarly, these loafers from & Other Stories are a lovely and refreshing alternative to a pair of black or brown flats, and an investment which would work as well with opaque tights and a statement frock as they would with jeans for a more casual feel. If practicality is at the forefront of your autumn agenda, then these desert boots from Clarks are a real winner, and again a solid investment purchase which you could reach for season after season. 

For me, comfort is always essential when it comes to shoes, especially as my feet tend to take a real pounding day to day as well as when I'm out running. I may me a late convert to the Vans trend, but this classic pair seem to be about as pain free as they come. Whilst I'm still in the market for some new running essentials, these look to be a great way of putting my best foot forward in the meantime. Finally- perhaps the jazziest pair of boots ever designed! Another wonderful creation from & Other Stories, these certainly make a statement- and might just be a great purchase to make in advance of (whisper it...) the festive season. 

Have you got your eye on any new investments for autumn?

*This post has been created in collaboration with Spartoo UK. As ever, all impressions and opinions are my own- as is my passion for comfortable shoes!

(Image credit: Spartoo, Marks and Spencer, Boden, Clarks and & Other Stories.)  


  1. I've bought so many shoes recently - mainly boots -, but I have been looking for a new pair of trainers and those Superstars are calling my name!

    - Elodie x


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