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06.09.2017- My Month in Pictures: August

Another month down! This year is whizzing past in what feels like the blink of an eye- and once again I'm finding it hard to believe that we're here at the outset of another autumn. I'm hoping that summer is going to give us a parting gift of a few more weeks of sunshine yet- especially as I'm not quite ready to hibernate for the winter! The last month has been peppered with bits and pieces of activity here and there, but overall has been pretty quiet. I've been feeling quite ill over the last couple of weeks so am still trying to take things easy- especially as cold and flu season will be with us again in earnest soon! In an attempt to get energised and banish the bugs, I've been trying to spend as much time outside in the fresh air as possible:

Blue skies- all too rare over the last month!/Exploring Petersham Nurseries, Covent Garden/Visiting Borough Market/Bloomsbury wandering/Brilliant blooms/Country walks/A haul of fresh flowers from the garden/Follies at the National Theatre- get a ticket now!/Testing some skincare from The Ordinary/Autumn hues/A day with the lads/Dream house. 

My September is shaping up quite nicely so far, with a couple of bit and bobs in the planning- as ever, watch this space!

How was your August?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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