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15.09.2017- Most Wanted: Ganni Goodness

Now that the change in seasons is unfolding in earnest, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a shopping list as long as my arm of autumn and winter pieces which are perfect for sprucing up my wardrobe. As soon as September rolls around, it seems like the shops are flooded with a bounty of new season styles, all of which offer a really refreshing take on transitional, practical style. Needless to say, over recent weeks I've been bookmarking lots of potential purchases in the making- most of which are from one of my favourite Scandi brands, Ganni:

Fenn Long Wrap Coat, £260/Seneca Silk Dress, £295/The Julliard Mohair Pullover, £355/Benson Maxi Dress, £430/Lott Isoli Sweatshirt, £95/Palmer Blouse, £95/The Julliard Mohair Hat, £95, all Ganni

I've never really considered lilac as an essential shade for autumn before, until, that is, I spotted this glorious coat! Whilst the pale shade might be a little bit out of the ordinary for this time of the year, there's no question that this perfect pastel is a brilliant mood booster, as well as being a brilliant investment piece to see you through until next spring too. Much the same could be said for this fabulous floral frock, which would lend itself to lots of different styling options, as well as pepping up lots of old winter faithfuls. 

With practicality in mind, this oversized knit is another winner. As well as being that lovely shade of lilac again, the loose fit makes it a wonderful option for lazy weekends, and again it's a piece which I don't think you'd ever get bored of wearing. If you're already on the lookout for a more formal frock to see you through the festive season, look no further than this heart-festooned design- a piece with real character and which is effortlessly stylish too. 

If casual cool is more your thing, this sweatshirt is a great shout, lending itself fantastically to dressed down weekend styling with denim as well as a more formal feel with a nicely tailored pair of trousers. If you're in the market for a new season investment for your work wardrobe, then this blouse is a definite must-have. I love the frill detail, and it's one of those really well made pieces which you know will stand the test of time. Finally, some more purple perfection in the shape of this beanie- a wonderful winter essential to see you through the cooler months in style. 

Are you a fan of Ganni? 

(Image credit: Ganni.)


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