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04.10.2017- Beauty Buys: Christopher Kane for Nars Hardwired Palette

As Autumn unfolds and I find myself switching up my seasonal wardrobe, I'm also investing in and testing out some new makeup purchases too. As well as trialing some winter-ready skincare, I've also found myself drawn to some new colour cosmetics, reflecting the shift in seasons. The most notable of these investment buys comes in the shape of Christopher Kane's Hardwired eyeshadow palette, created in collaboration with Nars and released just a couple of weeks ago, following the label's latest London Fashion Week presentation:

Small but perfectly formed, this palette incorporates an array of autumnal shades, all of which have a great colour payoff and can be teamed in lots of different combinations. The iridescent finish is perfect for creating a buildable look- packing a punch without proving too extreme for everyday. The shimmering gold of shade I acts as the perfect base, with the chrome and rose of shades II and III combining to create a pink-tinged eye with a slightly smoky finish. I've also been using shade VI (a metallic grey) in the socket line for added emphasis. If there's one slightly off putting element, it's that these shades don't really have that much staying power, but I'm hoping that with a good primer and by teaming them with some other shadows, I'll be able to overcome this- especially as we head towards the festive season. 

Have you picked up any new beauty buys recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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