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06.10.2017- London Loves: St James's Park

As much as the last few weeks have been peppered with attempts (however futile) to dodge rain shower after rain shower, we've also been lucky enough to have a few days here and there of glorious autumn sunshine. Knowing that it won't be long before the sun bids us farewell for another few months, I've been determined to make the most of the bright spells as and when they appear, and a few weeks ago, on a particularly glorious Friday morning, I avoided my usual route on the Tube in favour of a brisk walk to work through St James's Park:

I've adored St James's Park since I first visited when I was kneehigh to a grasshopper- and it's one of those wonderfully tranquil spaces which makes you feel calmer the moment you step into it. It's beautiful in spring and summer, but there's something about autumn in this area which makes it all the more magical- particularly first thing in the morning when it's not too busy. I love the walk from Victoria as it takes in so many of London's most familiar sights- from Buckingham Palace to Horseguard's Parade, with the London Eye looking wistfully on in the distance. As well as taking a moment to admire the mist rolling off of the water (tranquility in motion), I also stopped to make some new friends- needless to say that the park is home to a herd of squirrels and geese which are too often indulged by tourists! I'm definitely keen to make more of some of these lovely walking routes as often as the weather allows, so watch this space for some more snaps! 

What are your favourite tranquil spots? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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