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16.10.2017- Beauty Buys: L'Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara

As regular readers well know, when it comes to everyday beauty essentials, it's very rare that I switch up my old favourites for something new. There's something about the ease and routine of picking up the same products most mornings which seems oddly comforting, especially when it's dark and gloomy outside and the last thing you want to do is be parted from your duvet. Having said that, a few weeks ago the opportunity arose to road test a new everyday staple in the shape of L'Oréal's Paradise mascara:

With mascara perhaps more than anything else I tend to be a creature of habit, especially as I'm always reluctant to find myself confronted by an unwieldy wand when I'm sitting in front of the mirror in a bleary eyed state of a morning. I've been repurchasing the same products for a good few years now, never really thinking that much about changing my routine, but when an old favourite ran out a little while ago, I took the plunge and snapped up a recent release from L'Oréal. After using it for the last couple of weeks, I'm well and truly converted. It's really easy to apply, and with some serious lengthening and separating power, it's also great for making more of a statement for everyday eyes. I've noticed that it's really long wearing too, so needless to say I'm a convert! 

Have you tried any new beauty buys recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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