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20.10.2017- London Loves: The Covent Garden Hotel

As I touched on in my post from last week, about a fortnight or so ago my mum and I treated ourselves to a little bit of a staycation, booking an overnight stay in the Covent Garden Hotel after a trip to the theatre and in celebration of her birthday. It's really rare that we get the time or opportunity to indulge in something so luxurious, but this special occasion demanded something equally special in terms of an experience- meaning that we didn't have to dash for the train home and could make the most of being tourists in our own city for a couple of days too. After doing some serious TripAdvisor research, I settled on the Covent Garden Hotel- just a stone's throw away from the theatre and perfect for some peace and tranquility in the midst of central London: 

Pretty spectacular right?! After checking in, we were whisked up to our room- which had been upgraded, making it even more of a treat! Instantly impressive from the moment we set foot through the door, the suite felt more spacious than the whole of our downstairs at home! Complete with a wonderfully comfortable bed, and a quiet view over Seven Dials, the space was absolutely perfect- calming and comfortable as well as coming complete with all of the essentials you could need for an overnight stay. The bathroom was another phenomenon altogether- a swimming pool sized bath which came complete with a television, and a power shower which acted as the most powerful alarm clock you could wish for! I was a huge fan of the Rik Rak toiletries too, especially the shampoo and conditioner which left my hair looking the healthiest it has in a really long time. Suffice it to say that both of us were very sad to bid farewell to the hotel at the end of our stay- but I don't doubt that we'll be back before too long. 

Where are your favourite London boltholes? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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