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25.10.2017- London Loves: Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens

It's always great to have the opportunity to discover something new in a city which you think you know, and even better when it's a spontaneous find too. A couple of weekends back, a leisurely autumnal walk around north London afforded me the opportunity to explore a spot which I'd never encountered before- namely Hampstead Pergola and Gardens. A real hidden treasure, this gem affords weary walkers and photographic fiends alike the perfect tranquil spot to stop and reflect:

Unfolding like a location from Game of Thrones (think Highgarden meets Dorne), the Pergola and Gardens were created in the early 1900s, cannily using surplus material from the Northern Line extension to create a luxurious spot from which to spend summer evenings and enjoy the general splendour of the gardens. Today the Pergola is peppered with an eerie quiet, making it a dream destination if you're looking for some much needed peace and quiet only a short way out of central London. In autumn, it's truly spectacular, offering wonderful views across Hampstead Heath with the woods changing hue, and I'm sure it's brilliantly beautiful in spring and summer too- I don't doubt that I'll be back! 

What are your favourite secret spots in London? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I've been dying to visit this place! Can we please go when it's a little warmer and flowery? xxxx

  2. These pictures are beautiful! x


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