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01.11.2017- London Loves: Fenton House

Another week, another post on a previously undiscovered (for me at least!) corner of London. After enjoying an autumnal wander around Hampstead a few weeks ago, a visit to Fenton House seemed like the perfect way to round off the day. This 17th-century gem not only offers lots of opportunities to explore an extensive porcelain and piano collection, but it's also set in some truly spectacular surroundings too:

A climb to the attic of the house is well worth it to take in some glorious panoramic views over London, especially as it also gives you a real sense of just how much the skyscape must have transformed since Fenton House was built. As well as an extensive collection of interior treasures, the gardens which sit at the back of the house are truly stunning, encapsulating an array of different styles, and proving fabulously functional too- with the original orchard still bearing fruit 300 years after it was first planted. Definitely proof of the enduring success of this hidden gem!

Have you discovered anywhere new recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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