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15.11.2017- On the Menu: The Tea House, Reigate

Week to week, it's really rare that I get a chance to explore some of the lovely locations right on my doorstep. If I've got a free weekend, the likelihood is that I'll be so tired from the week just gone that I'll prioritise recharging my batteries above heading out of the house, but last weekend I was determined to make the most of some unexpected free time and visit some close-to-home-comforts. Reigate is a lovely market town just a short hop away by bus or train, and as well as being beloved as a location where I spent some of my most formative years (at college!), it's home to some great shops, a wonderfully comfortable cinema and a selection of delicious dining options too. One of my favourites is The Tea House- a favourite bolthole during my college days- so I was really excited to return over the weekend:

Needless to say, The Tea House is my idea of heaven. With a plentiful supply of tea and cake, as well as a really wonderful selection of staple favourites encompassing everything from smoked salmon and scrambled eggs to ice cream sundaes, it really does offer some of the tastiest options in town. A creature of habit to the last, I ordered the classic fish finger sandwich, served with salad and some crisps on the side-heavenly! With a warm pot of freshly brewed Early Grey and polished off with a generous slice of salted caramel and chocolate cake, this was the perfect way to brighten up a gloomy Saturday afternoon, and I'm sure it won't be too long until I make a return visit! 

Where your favourite local locations? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. After two weeks in India the fish finger sandwich sounds amazing! x


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