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04.12.2017- My Month in Pictures: November

Another month down! Phew! As always, I can't seem to keep track of just how quickly time is passing at the moment, and it's even more mind-boggling that we're almost at the end of another year too. The last month or so has been a pretty busy one, but filled with lots of lovely activities- including my birthday last Saturday. More on that soon, but for now here's a peek at what my November looked like: 

Road testing some new Glossier favourites/A misty morning/Green shoots/Weekend reading/Garden centre gains/Christmas lights in Covent Garden/More greenery/Festive feeling at Polpo/Petersham Nurseries looking glorious/Sunny days/Window shopping at Aesop/Hanging around at the Tate Modern!

I'm sure I'll be posting my December round up in what feels like no time- see you on the other side of the festive season! 

How was your November? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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