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03.01.2018- My Month in Pictures: December

Another month, another year gone and here we are at the outset of 2018 with a fresh set of adventures in prospect. You'll know from the post which I penned last week that 2017 was pretty tough going for me at times, but it's definitely taught me a great deal, and I'm very relieved to have made it through to the other side. I'd planned to get a lot of new blog content planned over the Christmas break too, but time really did run away with me a little bit, especially as I've been keen to catch up on as much rest as possible before heading back to work. Anyway, with reflection in mind, here's a look back at my the final month of my 2017 in pictures: 

My birthday kicked off the momth!/Gorgeous present from the dream team/Carnaby Street looking fabulously festive!/Standard evening at work/Covent Garden bringing all of the Christmas decor.../Tree-tastic/Stopping to take in the Natural History Museum in full Saturday afternoon glory/Must read!/Regent Street looking stunning/Wreath watch/Red ribbon/Wreath watch: part two/A new Aesop beauty favourite/The Ivy on top festive form/New Year's Eve essentials/Signing off for 2017

This month has a fair proportion of weekend plans already in prospect, including a much-anticipated trip to see Hamilton this Saturday! More on that soon I'm sure, but in the interim, here's to a calm and peaceful January. 

How did you spend your December? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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