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10.01.2018- On the Menu: Tandoor Chop House

January, January, January. I always find this month something of a slog, particularly as it always feels so long in comparison to the rush and chaos of December. With that in mind, I always find that it's well worth putting some time and energy into planning some lovely activities to help the month seem like less of a struggle, so last Saturday, accompanied by Hannah, I made my way to the Victoria Palace theatre for a long-anticipated trip to see Hamilton! Beforehand, we made our way to a lunch spot which we'd oath been keen to try for ages- the Tandoor Chop House:

Whilst January is often synonymous with detoxing and self-deprivation, I've never thought it the optimum time to reinvent the wheel as far as eating is concerned, particularly if you, like me, still have a whole host of Christmas leftovers hanging about the house. Instead, I'm very keen to make this year a year of new flavours, and new foodie discoveries- and the Tandoor Chop House really was the perfect destination to get started! Offering a fusion of the classic British chop house and Tandoori flavours, the menu is small but perfectly formed, complete with a selection of specials too. We opted for an array of plates to share, including onion bhaji onion rings, tandoori chicken and cauliflower, gunpowder fries, naan bread and daal. Needless to say, everything was absolutely delicious, full of flavour and cooked to perfection. I particularly loved the onion rings and the cauliflower, and have a feeling that I'll head back sooner rather than later to sample some of the other treats on offer! 

Have you found any new foodie favourites recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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