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29.01.2018- Beauty Buys: Glossier Solution & Invisible Shield

As I've grown older, and have started taking skincare a bit more seriously, I've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as a 'quick fix'. I shudder to think about how much money I used to fritter away on a post-Saturday job splurge in Boots, hoping against hope that *this* £5.99 tube of face wash would be the one to finally give me miracle skin. Spoiler alert, it didn't happen, but what I learnt from all of those futile shopping trips was that taking time, investing in products which agree with your skin, and being patient is the only thing which pays dividends in the long run- that and drinking lots of water. With that in mind, I must confess that I was somewhat skeptical when I read about Glossier's latest launch- a chemical exfoliator aptly named Solution, which comes with a promise of a reduction of redness, spots and pore size.  However, having gotten on really well with the products which I've purchased from them so far, I added it to my basket, along with their recommended Invisible Shield SPF:

Having used both products in tandem for the last week and a bit, I have to confess that I was wrong to be skeptical! I've already noticed that my skin is looking fresher, and the some of the teenage spot scarring which I have around my chin has definitely calmed down- so far, so good! At first use, I was a little bit worried that the combination of chemicals might have an adverse reaction with my sensitive skin, but the anti-stress complex makes this feel really gentle, and I've also noticed that it's a lot less drying that some of the other retinoids which I'd been using before. I'd also been meaning to incorporate a proper SPF into my daily routine for a while, and Invisible Shield is a real winner, especially as it's so fast-absorbing and doesn't feel greasy at all. What a winning combo!

Have you tried any new skincare essentials recently?

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