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09.02.2018- Most Wanted: A Whistles Wishlist

As spring starts to peek tantalisingly over the horizon, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is looking forward to a little bit of a wardrobe switch-up. Having been more or less living in jumpers for the last four months or so, I'm really looking forward to being able to pack them all away again, and am already dreaming of those days of being able to leave the house without a coat..! Needless to say that, in preparation, I've been doing lots of window shopping, and Whistles in particular are proving to be top of the crop with their new season drop:

Ellen Floral Shirt, £95/Black Wide Stripe Sweater, £119/Kiss Embroidered Stripe Knit, £89/Lips Print Top, £99/Cornelia Triple Clutch Bag, £150/Croissant Champagne Pin Pack, £29/Pink Mohair Knit, £119/Le Weekend Sweater, £99, all Whistles

It's always really refreshing to see new season prints trickling their way into the shops, and this floral design is a great go-to new style for spring and summer- as well as being ideal for any summer holidays which you might have in the planning too. Bearing in mind that we're not quite out of the wintery woods just yet, this monochrome knit is a brilliant basic option, and one of those instant classics which you know you'll be reaching for season after season. Likewise, this Breton style design is another failsafe favourite in the making, and I love the little touch of character which the lips motif adds. A variation on that theme comes in the shape of this printed blouse- a perfect smart option for your workwear wardrobe, or for a special occasion. 

If you, like me, always have the weekend on the brain, then this slogan sweatshirt is a brilliant investment buy- especially if you're in the market for some instant casual cool. Similarly, I spotted this pink knit in store a few weeks ago, and it was more or less love at first sight- the pale hue making it ideal for spring. In much the same way that I'm almost incessantly contemplating the weekend, I'm similarly more often than not fixated by pastries- which is why I've included this cracking pin badge set- great for jazzing up your staple outerwear. Finally, the cross-body bag, another essential, especially in this subtle grey colourway- ideal for contrasting with pops of bold colour as spring creeps ever closer. 

Which new season styles have you got your eyes on?

(Image credit: Whistles.)


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