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11.04.2018- London Loves: A Spring Walk

As the seasons change, I always find one of the loveliest ways to appreciate the transition in the surroundings is to make time for a leisurely walk, wherever in the world you are. Now that the weather is warming up slightly and the evenings drawing out to grow longer and longer, I’m really looking forward to making the most of my local surroundings, as well as taking in some of London’s lovely vistas too. Over the weekend just gone, I was determined to see a little bit of spring in the Royal Parks, and indulged in a leisurely stroll from St. James’s Park to Hyde Park Corner:

Next to a segue along the South Bank, dandering through this part of town has got to be one of my favourite pursuits. It’s always lovely to escape the hubbub of the West End via St James’s Park, and their spring planting is a real mood booster. Alongside some very well acclimatised urban wildlife, I love taking the time to enjoy the peace and quiet with a walk around the lake, and although the skies were comparatively overcast at the weekend, there was plenty of brightness in supply thanks to the daffodils on display! There’s something really lovely about seeing everything coming back to life in such vivid colour, and rounding off this wander with a visit to the Bomber Command memorial afforded me a long overdue opportunity to see a part of town which I’d yet to visit. 

What are your favourite walks? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love St James' Park - really miss greenery living where I do now! x


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