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04.05.2018- Floral Favourites: Peonies by Post from Bloom & Wild

There are few things more synonymous with the arrival of spring than seeing everything burst into bloom again. Only a few weeks ago, I was thinking about what to start potting up in the garden, and now find myself pleasantly surprised at how many flowers from last year have made it through the winter! Whilst I’m still waiting for some of my favourite blooms to re-emerge after hibernation, I’ve been keenly keeping things floral inside the house too, thanks, as ever to Bloom & Wild’s wonderful selection. Last Friday's delivery- still going strong after a week- is the one of the first of their peony drops of the year:

How beautiful are these? The mood-boosting power of plants never ceases to amaze me, and these coral peonies are happiness in floral form. The colour is fantastic, and they sprung to life so quickly too- definitely worth sizing up on the vase front! The whole bouquet is just as beautiful as you’d expect, with Sweet Williams, Snapdragons and Scabiosa all sitting together wonderfully to evoke a really wild feel too. I’m already contemplating a second purchase! 

What are your favourite spring flowers? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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