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11.05.2018- A Spring Garden Update

As I touched on in last week’s post, this year things in the garden have been quite slow to get started, but now that spring has arrived (and thanks to that Bank Holiday heatwave!) things are definitely on the way to full bloom. After a really long and gloomy winter, it’s been lovely to get back out into to fresh air and take some time to give everything a long overdue spruce up, complete with some new additions too: 

Ranunculus are always firm favourites whenever I happen upon them in bouquets, so when I spotted this two-tone variety at the garden centre a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and picked it up. Growing and looking after something for the first time can always feel like a bit of an uncharted voyage, but more often than not it’s a choice which really pays off. Since re-potting this plant it’s come on leaps and bounds with very little looking after- so much so that I’m now keen to get some more! 

Seed wise, there are plenty more cornflowers on the go- honestly some of the easiest plants to grow and perfect if you’re limited to pots or window boxes. This purple prettiness is another new addition too- Jacob’s Ladder- and one which is already thriving in a sunny spot. Finally- investing in some proper tools has really helped to make everything much easier- this mini fork and shovel are from Petersham Nurseries and are proving essential in helping me to blitz the weeds! 

Have you snapped up any new plants for spring? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Cannot wait to own a house and have the most beautiful garden! Get that Floral Friday ;) x


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