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25.05.2018- Beauty Buys: Glossier Lash Slick & Boy Brow

When it comes to everyday beauty essentials, I'm always a bit reluctant to spend more pennies than I need to- particularly on new additions to my makeup bag. I used to regularly drop £25 here and £20 there on high end mascaras in particular, until my regular purchase was discontinued and I was lured back to Boots (probably by one of those magical 3 for 2 offers when I was a student!) Recently, I've been using L'Oréal's Paris Paradise, but with that running low and a new Glossier product launching at the most opportune of moments, it seemed like a serendipitous opportunity to try something new, as well as giving me the chance to finally pick up Boy Brow (all about that free delivery!)

First up- Lash Slick. For £14, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but this mascara is seriously impressive. I've got quite long lashes anyway so wasn't completely convinced that I would notice a great degree of difference after using this, but goodness me, it's a keeper! The brush is really easy to use, light and not at all fiddly- making it perfect for applying in a hurry first thing in the morning. The formulation is really impressive too, seeing me through the day with minimal smudging and washing off with no extra effort at the end of the day. Definitely one I'll be buying again! 

Next, Boy Brow, one of Glossier's bestsellers and a product which was on top of more or less everyone's shopping list when the brand launched in the UK last year. I was tempted to begin with, but held off from snapping it up straightaway, primarily because my brows have got a mind of their own and I was reluctant to rock the boat with them anymore than was strictly necessary. As someone who has never been all that good at colouring in within the lines, I've realised that this product is one worth using alongside my Hourglass Brow Pencil, rather than as a subsitute for it, primarily as it's quite dark in comparison to my complexion and on its own I think packs just too much of a punch. However, as a finishing touch to brush through the tops of my brows, it's great- and I'm sure the more I practice with it the easier I'll find it to use!

Have you picked up any new beauty buys recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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