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30.05.2018- London Loves: The Shop at Bluebird, Covent Garden

Having worked in Covent Garden for almost four years now, it’s always lovely to make the most of being in the area, whether that be window shopping on my lunch break, or enjoying a new foodie favourite. The area has undergone a really speedy period of transformation of late too, with the sad departure of some much-loved shops (I’m still coming to terms with Marks and Spencer closing!), as well as the arrival of some new faces too. One of the newest, a familiar London brand but new to the area is Chelsea native The Shop at Bluebird:

Set across two floors on Floral Street, The Shop at Bluebird is housed in a freshly finished development which has been years in the making. There’s no denying that on first arrival, it’s seriously impressive- light, airy and with plenty of space to accommodate a mixed offer of fashion, beauty and homeware. Look up, and a vast mirrored installation adds to the feeling of infinite space, with carefully considered planting creating a very relaxed atmosphere. The highlights for me included the offer of often hard to find magazines, stationery and homeware- all of it super covetable and well worth bearing in mind for future gift shopping options. The fashion, whilst fantastically decorative, is quite hard to navigate, predominantly because there’s so much of it housed across the store. I’m sure I’ll find more accessible items as the stock rotates (and especially when there’s a sale on!), and it’s always lovely to have another option for some window shopping. 

Have you visited anywhere new recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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