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06.06.2018- My Month in Pictures: May

Phew! Another month down, and now we're halfway through the year- time really is flying, isn't it? May for me was a fairly quiet month, most of which was spent at home recuperating after an operation I had at the end of April...more on that to come soon, I'm sure. In a strange way, being forced to rest for longer than I ever have before in my adult was really helpful, and much needed- proof that pressing reset can sometimes be the best thing, for both mind and body alike. Towards the end of the month, I found myself getting back to a slow sort of normal, with some lovely sights thrown in:

Fresh bed linen from H&M/Whistles window shopping/Village wandering/Wisteria season/Blue skies/Covent Garden in Bloom/Sampling the menu at Sarona Eatery/Relaxed weekends/A new Boden addition/Exploring The Shop at Bluebird/Mayfair madness/Glossier goodies/Very proud of Repealing the Eighth in Ireland!/More flowers.../ the compulsory peonies/Summer reading

June looks like it's going to be a fairly subdued month too, which is pretty perfect. Since January I've been so busy that I think I almost got to a bit of a burnout stage, so I'm really keen to keep things in balance for as long as possible, and be kind to myself with relaxed weekends too, rather than rushing around like a headless chicken. Amen! 

What was your May like? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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