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18.06.2018- What I Wore Today #335

Whilst the weather is still a little bit hit and miss (and I'm contending with the most annoying hayfever I think I've ever had!), over recent weeks I've really been enjoying digging out some seasonal favourites and pairing them with some new purchases. Summer, perhaps more than any other season, lends itself perfectly to a slightly more relaxed, casual approach, which is perfect if you're prioritsing comfort and practicality. Recently, I've been keeping my daily combinations pretty simple:

Jacket- Zara
Tee- Bella Freud for War Child
Jeans- Whistles
Shoes- Gap
Bag- Cath Kidston

This jacket from Zara is a piece which I picked up about two years ago now, and it's a real summer favourite- especially as it's so light and easy to wear- perfect for those mornings and evening when there's a bit of a chill in the air. This tee is recent buy, and comes from War Child's latest series of designer collaborations- I love the colourful message in Bella Freud's signature text, and the whole collection is a fantastic way to support the increasingly important work of War Child all around the world. Finally, these Whistles jeans, which I picked up after featuring them in a post a few weeks back- potentially the comfiest denim I've ever owned! 

Which pieces have you been styling for summer?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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