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11.07.2018- Beauty Buys: New Glossier Goodies

Because I’m usually in so much of a rush first thing in the morning, it’s a rare occasion indeed which sees me divert from my usual routine as far as day to day makeup is concerned. I’ll usually plump for products which are easy to apply and fairly long lasting, especially with the weather still on the warm side. Over the last year or so, however, most of my daily essentials have undergone something of a wholesale transformation- from a pick and mix, pot luck of brands to a more or less entirely Glossier affair. There’s something really appealing about the low maintenance, fuss free feeling which so many of their products advocate, and, having been using the basics for a while now, a few weeks ago I treated myself to some new additions: 

I can’t quite believe that it’s taken me so long to try Birthday Balm Dotcom, but now that I have I’m well and truly converted. It’s the perfect soothing balm for lips and other dry patches, and is really long lasting too- a great summer holiday essential. The Beam Cloud Paint which I picked up back in October is one of my favourite products full stop, so I had high hopes for these two newly launched shades. Storm is a deep cerise with a strong hint of red, and is great for subtlety applying to the apples of the cheeks- for me, it’s a bit too punchy for wearing too much of, bit a light application is a winner, and I can imagine that it’ll become something of a staple as we approach autumn too. Dawn is definitely more wearable- a reddy coral which screams summer. I’ve been wearing it on regular rotation since it arrived, and can’t recommend it enough- especially if you’re in the market for a holiday ready hero product. 

Have you picked up any new beauty buys recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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