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06.08.2018- A Devon Photo Diary

Just over a fortnight ago, I made my first trip to Devon! I'm quite frankly embarrassed that it's taken me all of my 28 years to make it down there, but this visit has got me well and truly converted. Along with a gang of fabulous friends, I had a lovely sun-soaked weekend, complete with blue skies and sea air in abundance- as well as lots of laughs too: 

We stayed in Appledore, which is a picture postcard fishing village at the mouth of the River Torridge. Complete with pastel painted house, a plethora of pubs and beautiful beachfront walks, it was the ideal getaway from London life- a heavenly way to recharge and relax away from the hubbub of the city. As well as exploring Appledore itself, we also hopped on the ferry over to Instow beach for a Saturday morning stroll (in the company of some of the happiest dogs I think I've ever seen!), and a spot of lunch at The Glorious Oyster- well worth visiting if you're in the area and looking for some sublime seafood. Generally, if you're looking for a relaxing weekend break, or even a longer spell away by the seaside in comparative peace and quiet, Appledore comes hugely recommended- I'm sure I'll be back as soon as I'm able!

Have you had any short breaks this summer?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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