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13.08.2018- Beauty Buys: Diptyque Florabellio Eau de Toilette

It's never really something which I've thought all that much about before, but this summer I've been switching up my daily perfumes, steering away from the classics which I would normally wear on a daily basis in favour of some more seasonally appropriate scents. Whilst my favourites from Chanel are ideal for the autumn and winter, they always feel a little bit heavy for this time of the year, especially with the temperatures having been so extreme of late. Step forward, a new favourite from Diptyque:

I sampled this Florabellio Eau de Toilette in store a little while ago, and went back to snap up a full sized bottle after payday last month- having been turned into a complete convert! I've been wearing it everyday since I picked it up, and the blend of fresh notes makes it ideal for the summer, including apple blossom and wild sea fennel. With apricot tones adding to the delicate blend, it's wonderfully light and fresh, as well as being brilliantly long-lasting- which has been much appreciated during the recent hot spell! As well as that, the bottle is absolutely beautiful, and so far I'm finding that a little spritz here and there goes a really long way, making it an ideal investment addition.

Have you switched up your signature scents this summer?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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