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15.08.2018- Road Testing: The Duchess Gin & Tonic

With the arrival of summer, longer evenings and plenty of opportunities to make the most of the balmier weather, navigating a seemingly neverending series of drinks invites is one of the trickier aspects of this time of the year. For me, as a teetotaler, it can also be difficult to find non-alcoholic options which are fresh and fun- especially in terms of flavours. I’ve never really been into alcohol, and with a personality so heavily weighted towards becoming easily addicted to things, I’ve always been mindful of keeping my consumption balanced. To top it off, I’m really not a fan of how most alcohol tastes, which makes it even easier to not partake- win win really! With a firmly sober stance, I’ll often plump for a juice or lemonade, but recently I’ve encountered a new botanical blend which I’m well and truly converted to:

The Duchess is a uniquely blended virgin gin (made with re-distilled juniper berries) and tonic, created with aromatic botanic extracts including orange peel, all spice, cloves and cardamom, all of which combine to create a perfectly balanced palette pleaser. Crisp and refreshing, it’s full of flavour, and is ideal for getting experimental with too- whether that’s blending with some of your favourite fruit, cordials or flavoured molasses. For me, it’s been lovely to encounter something so versatile which doesn’t compromise on taste, and which lends itself wonderfully to any context too. Also, it probably goes without saying that I’m in love with the branding too, as well as the opportunity which it offers to get creative with my combinations- here I mixed it with lots of different fruit but can’t wait to try it with some other flavours (particularly blackberry!), as we ease into autumn. Whether you’re a teetotaler looking for a fresh fix of flavour, are the designated driver or looking for an easy all in one alternative to your regular drink of choice, I’d definitely recommend The Duchess as a fantastic, fuss-free option. 

What have you been road-testing recently?

*I was kindly provided with a product sample to review, but my opinions and impressions are 100% honest, as always. 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This is such a great idea! I have a few teetotal friends and sometimes the options for non-alcoholic drinks are so unexciting - as a gin lover I am so keen to try this too as an alternative for non-drinking nights. x


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