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22.08.2018- Beauty Buys: Most Worn Essentials

When it comes to everyday beauty products, it's often difficult to unpick exactly why the hero products which we all reach for each morning are such indispensable staples- the real essentials just tend to blend seamlessly into the day, carrying you through until the evening with no need to reapply, and equally protecting your complexion from all of those little environmental nasties along the way. After the recent heatwave, I found myself taking a step back and re-evaluating the products which I reach for first thing in the morning, especially wanting to keep things as simple and pared back as possible:

I've only this year started using a standalone SPF on my skin, but Glossier's Invisible Shield is well and truly a product to add to any arsenal- especially as it's so light and fast-absorbing. Even better, as a sunscreen specifically designed for the face, it comes with high protection as standard, as well as being almost fragrance free- definitely one which I wouldn't be without now. Similarly, Glossier's Haloscope in Moonstone, a highlighter which is super subtle and perfect for enhancing a natural complexion, especially with the built in vitamin moisturisers which are added to the formula too. Finally, a recent addition to my daily routine in the shape of Vichy's Mineral 89 Daily Plumping Booster, which I snapped up in full-size a few weeks ago. With mineralising water and Hyaluronic acid, it's a brilliant daily barrier, and I've noticed a real difference after only using it for a really short time- a total winner!

What are your daily skincare essentials?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love that Vichy serum! My skincare essentials are definitely a good sunscreen - although not the Glossier one since I can't seem to tolerate chemical sunscreens at all -, and a hydrating sleeping mask to make sure my tan lasts and doesn't make my face look like an old leather couch. Ha!


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