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24.08.2018- On the Menu: Hally's, Parsons Green

One of loveliest things about having a blog is the fact that I’ve come to meet some of my closest friends through being a part of this collective online community. Whilst I do miss the early days of blogging, where it was always lovely to put faces to names at events and the like, I’m more grateful that I can properly articulate through a keyboard that I’ve encountered some of the loveliest people ever through the internet. In fact, this weekend I’m preparing to head to Ireland with some of them, and it’s always a joy to make time for catching up, especially when various international paths cross at the right time. One such instance occurred a few weeks ago, when Elodie was in London for a week or so- affording the perfect opportunity to venture to a new brunch favourite in the shape of Hally’s in Parsons Green:

There are fewer pursuits which feel like more of an indulgence than starting the week with a spot of brunch, but with a Monday out of the office it seemed like the perfect option. The menu at Hally's offers plenty of choice, from freshly baked pastries to brunch regulars such as avocado on toast. Accompanied by a pot of freshly brewed tea, I plumped for the full breakfast (starting the week as I meant to go on!), a plate full of flavour- most especially delicately fried tomatoes and fresh sourdough toast. Served in beautifully light and airy surroundings, it was the perfect pit stop to catch up at- setting the tone for a lovely day, and kicking the week off on the right note.

Have you visited anywhere new to eat recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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