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21.12.2018- What I Wore Today #358

Brr! Things have definitely taken a turn for the chillier over the last few weeks, haven't they? Whilst I've been using as much spare time as possible to hibernate, sadly I've also been battling to and from work too, contending with cancelled trains and trying not to turn into a block of ice waiting on the platform! At this time of the year (and particularly bearing in mind the eating-centric activities in my diary of late!), I've been keen to combine the practicalities of keeping warm with staying as comfortable as possible too. Luckily, some recent additions to my wardrobe are practically perfect for both purposes:

Hat- Oliver Bonas
Bonas Jumper- J.Crew 
Dress- Monki 
Coat- c/o Very 
Shoes- Gap

This pinafore dress from Monki is the darker wash of the style which I featured in my last style post, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are probably the most worn pieces in my wardrobe at the moment- they're just so easy to sling on first thing in the morning, and are so so comfortable- particularly for layering. Just seen here is a recent sale bargain from J.Crew- long sleeved, striped and complete with a frilled collar- heavenly- and really warm too!

Which pieces have you been living in of late?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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